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I head up a team of Nutrition experts passionate about sharing our knowledge. We are all registered clinical nutritionists working in various fields of industry, some work as journalists or TV nutritionists, and all have a wealth of public speaking expertise on all aspects of health and wellbeing. Together, we provide a wide range of engaging, accessible, inspirational talks and workshops for your workforce, to motivate and empower them to enjoy better health, vibrant energy levels and improved immunity with easy to implement lifestyle and dietary changes that everyone can take away and implement straight away.

I am passionate about personal development and evolution and have witnessed in thousands of my clients how optimising health and wellbeing through nutrition can bring with it new heights of personal, professional and social achievement.

The benefits for the employer are a more motivated, healthy and happier workforce with less sick leave. The return on your investment is immediate as we create goal setting and rewards for each employee to work towards a healthier workplace. We offer lunch-and-learn talks, simple cookery demonstrations, and can create bespoke workshops for your needs. We would love to work with you so do get in touch.

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