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We are a team of highly experienced graduate and masters Nutrition experts passionate about sharing our knowledge to empower your staff to optimise their health and wellbeing. We are all registered clinical nutritionists working in various fields of industry, including journalists or TV nutritionists, and all have a wealth of public speaking expertise on all aspects of health and wellbeing. Together, we provide a wide range of engaging, accessible, inspirational talks and workshops for your workforce, to motivate and empower them to enjoy better health, vibrant energy levels and improved immunity with easy to implement lifestyle and dietary changes that everyone can take away and implement straight away.

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The Nutrition Guru Wellness talks & Workshops

Tina Lond-Caulk BSc Nutritionist BANT, CNHC, FNTP
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Tina Lond-Caulk is a true force in the field of nutrition and wellness education. Known as The Nutrition Guru, she has established herself as a bestselling author (Bloomsbury publishing), a keynote speaker, and the founder of wellness education programmes for both corporate and school audiences. With an impressive 20-year track record as a clinical nutritionist and Director of her own health clinic.

Tina's qualifications as a degree-qualified Nutritionist are complemented by her post-graduate training in behavioural psychology and her specialist interest in genomics, all of which inform her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. What truly sets Tina apart is her unwavering passion for educating individuals of all ages on how to optimize their health and wellbeing. Her dedication to improving inter-generational health is reflected in her nationwide work with schools, where her programmes and her latest book “Eat Well and Feel Great” (Bloomsbury) are incorporated into and support the PSHE curriculum in many of the top UK schools.

Tina's expertise is highly sought after by major brands and corporations such as Google, JP Morgan, Investec, Trustpilot, The Premier League, Abbott Healthcare, to name but a few. Her warm and engaging speaking style, combined with her wealth of knowledge, make her a captivating and inspiring speaker on the topics of nutrition and wellness. With Tina Lond-Caulk as your sage, you can be sure to unlock the secrets of a healthy, balanced life. She also enjoys her work in Health PR, helping brands develop their education programmes and has worked with Revive Active, Your Zooki, BodyBio, and Osato Immun’Age/FPP over the last year and be featured in over 70 UK magazines and press in 2023 so far.

Tina is regular  wellness retreat host working in Switzerland, France, St.Lucia , Marrakesh and the UK with Heckfield Place, one of the leading hotels in the world. She holds the position of resident November Nutrition expert at The Body Holiday, St Lucia, one of the Conde Nast Top 10 wellness resorts in the world. Be sure to join her for a restorative and rejuvenating trip and learn about how to optimise your longevity and healthspan, returning home with healthy habits for life.

100’s of talks working with companies all over the globe including Google, Investec, Trustpilot, Stanhope Plc, A & E Networks, Charles Taylor and many more

Articles in The Times newspaper, Sheerluxe, Top Sante, The Express, School House Magazine, Heads Conference Magazine and many more

Founder of the nationwide schools education programme Food for Life

Founder of Capture Wellness – the workplace wellness programme


It is now well understood that that a fit, healthy, happy workforce can help to improve the health and well being of a business, ultimately impacting on its and its employees future development and success.

Employees with more energy, fewer health issues and a zest for life are more productive. Corporate nutrition workshops educate and support staff to eat well and feel better fast.

Our talks & Workshops

  • Revitalise & Energise Seasonal Cleanse

  • Healthy Ageing and Longevity - the latest science

  • Fuel Your Body For Success

  • Working from home? Smart eating strategies to stay healthy and productive at home

  • Managing Stress Through Nutrition

  • Beat the bloat and optimise digestive health

  • Lose Weight, Feel Great and Create Healthy Habits For Life

  • Debunking Nutrition Myths

  • SAD: Eat To Beat The Winter Blues

  • A Natural Approach To Menopause

  • The Ultimate Wellness Workshop

  • A Natural Approach To Menopause

  • Fuel for Life – how to harness boundless energy

  • Brain Sharp

  • Food and Mood our Gut-Brain Connection

  • Sleep – All factors influencing sleep, its importance and improving sleep quality

  • Beating the Winter Blues and Boosting Immunity

  • Secrets to a Healthy Heart

  • Gut Health

  • Starting over: a new year a new you!

  • Childhood and Infant Optimum Nutrition

  • Women’s Health from PMT, pregnancy, menopause & beyond

  • Obstacles that are stopping you achieving a healthy diet

  • Mens’ Health matters


Cookery Demos

Success starts in the kitchen ....

Superfood smoothies - rocketfuel to start your day well

Energy Balls & Bliss balls – no cook, no mess healthy snacking

Build your Lunchbox – to power your afternoons

Benefits of Capture Wellness Workshops

Fewer sick days & lower health care costs

Greater concentration & work focus

Improved sleep quality

Increased productivity & performance

Improved morale, motivation & mood

Greater self esteem

Improved company loyalty

Greater staff retention


Tina Lond-Caulk has recently hosted a series of nutrition, health, and wellbeing talks for our senior executives in London and Edinburgh. Due to the excellent feedback, we booked her to present to our teams in New York, Denver, Melbourne, Copenhagen and Lithuania. Feedback is consistently excellent from all locations and we are looking forward to working with Tina again, we would not hesitate to recommend The Nutrition Guru Capture Wellness Programme.

The Nutrition Guru offers excellent value for money, quality supporting notes, and recipes and her expertise is evident in her presentations. We all feel motivated and inspired to make simple eas healthier lifestyle and dietary habits after her workshops


I enjoyed attending a Wellbeing at Work event at our head office in London led by Tina Lond-Caulk, which involved talks, cookery demonstrations of simple healthy meals – buddha bowls, healthy energy balls and superfood smoothies which we enjoyed afterwards with our team. Tina masterfully conveyed complex nutritional concepts in an engaging and practical manner, making it easy for all attendees to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Her insights are balanced and backed with scientific evidence and she provided actionable takeaways. What made it stand out was its applicability – Tina focused on simple, sustainable changes that could easily fit into our busy lives.
She also understood the challenges of a corporate lifestyle and shared strategies for managing stress and promoting mental well-being. Our team was quick to implement healthier choices, fostering a sense of support among colleagues.This talk was a valuable investment in our team's well-being, and I'm confident it will continue to yield positive results for us. Thank you, Tina, for inspiring us to take charge of our health and make better choices both in and out of the office, we look forward to working with you again soon.

Investec London

Tina delivered a compelling talk on Stress and resilience that left a lasting impact on our team. Her ability to make the complex topic of stress management accessible and practical was excellent. She delivered practical strategies that not only helped us manage stress, improve our sleep, energy levels, prevent energy dips in the day and lots more. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina Lond-Caulk for her Workplace wellness programme, we have already rebooked her for further talks for our team.

A & E Networks

Tina Lond-Caulk is so good at making the complex science of nutrition and health easy to understand and we felt very motivated to make simple changes. She is a really great speaker and in our one to one sessions she is super empathetic, non judgemental and she provides such easy actionable advice to improve our health.

Great Portland Estates

I loved The Nutrition Guru workshop, Tina made the science easy to understand, she gave lots of useful tips with simple quick and delicious healthy recipes and I love her approach to not to count calories but count nutrients, plant points, looking at the nutrition of a plate is so much more useful and healthful than the outdated calorie counting. I would really recommend her talks to everyone.

Abbott Healthcare, Zurich

We really enjoyed The Nutrition Guru Workplace Wellbeing workshops and talks. She gives a holistic view of how to maintain one’s wellbeing, i.e. not just focusing on nutrition but every aspect of health and wellbeing such as sleep, stress management, effective relaxation. She gives analogies, discusses her clinical experience giving examples connecting the sessions to everyday life with easy actionables to make changes manageable. We loved the practical sessions, creating healthy but super delicious raspberry and chocolate energy balls and superfood smoothie that we’ve since made at home and love. We would for sure recommend your talks! The sessions honestly exceeded our expectations and we really appreciated learning how to optimise so many aspects of our wellbeing.

Stanhope, London

I found The Nutrition Guru’s presentations very good indeed. I consider myself health conscious so her talks reminded me that I am doing a lot right but I realised there is still room for improvement. What I found best of all is that Tina is very balanced and provides evidence for everything she discusses and she is not at all dogmatic in her approach. Her presentations were brilliant and we had a lot of fun together, and the sessions were completely unjudgmental when we discussed the team’s current unhealthy habits. The complimentary Ebooks she offers to support the workshops are fantastic, beautifully presented with excellent resources, recipes and so on. For me this day was an enrichment, I found it very beneficial and we will be running more of these in the future.

Charles Taylor

h) Tina delivered a hugely informative and accessible webinar for our European employees recently on the topic of Food and Mood. The session was well paced, easy to follow, thought provoking and hugely enjoyable – Tina was engaging, fun and inspirational. The comments and feedback from staff have been hugely positive and many felt motivated and inspired to take small easy steps to make some big positive changes. We are looking forward to hosting Tina again in the future.


i) We were lucky enough to have Tina join us in our office for Stress Awareness Week where we covered all Gut Health Related topics. Everyone found the talk extremely insightful and beneficial with great feedback from everyone who attended. Tina did an amazing job at simplifying a topic which can often seem overwhelming- Tina’s approach helped us all to kick start our journey in harnessing the benefits when we better understand Gut Health. We look forward to welcoming her back!

Hagarth: Advertising and Marketing

I recently attended a women's health, nutrition, and wellness talk presented by Tina Lond-Caulk and I am genuinely inspired by the invaluable insights shared during this session. As a woman who values her health and well-being, this talk proved to be an eye-opening and empowering experience. Tina demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with the audience, delivering complex health and nutrition information in a way that was not only understandable but also relatable. The presentation was engaging, interactive, and thoughtfully tailored to address the unique health concerns that women face. The topics covered in the talk spanned a wide range of issues pertinent to women's health, from the impact of nutrition on hormonal balance to strategies for managing stress and enhancing mental well-being. She substantiated the advice with the latest research and provided practical recommendations that women can readily apply to their lives. What truly set this talk apart was its emphasis on holistic well-being. It not only addressed nutritional aspects but also delved into topics like self-care, physical activity, and preventative health measures specifically relevant to women. Tina provided a toolkit of actionable steps that can be incorporated into our daily routines to nurture our health.
I highly recommend Tina Lond-Caulk for any women's health, nutrition, and wellness talk. Their expertise, engaging presentation style, and dedication to empowering women to take charge of their health are commendable. This talk was an investment in our well-being, and it has left an indelible impact on me and my fellow attendees.

NuLiving, UK

k) We really enjoyed the Positive Ageing and Improving Longevity workshop at our head office in London followed by her cookery demonstrations in our kitchens. After the food demos we made our own diversity bowls (buddha bowls) with a variety of easy healthy dressings and made bliss balls which we enjoyed eating lunch together. Her session was really well received, she’s a great presenter, offering easy to implement advice that we all felt were manageable. As a team we felt inspired by her talks and loved the recipes and Ebooks she offers to compliment her workshops. We look forward to welcoming her back.

Google, London

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