• 1 hour Consultation £195 (Kingston upon Thames) £340, Lanserhof Medical, W1
  • Course of Initial consultation plus 5 x 45 min follow up appointments is £795
  • Follow up 30-minute appointments £110 or £145 for 45 minutes.
  • Quarterly Maintenance Programme - 4 x 30 minute appoints over a year £400
  • Complex laboratory test analysis and bespoke protocols – 45-60 minutes will be charged to go through the results
  • Telephone and Skype Consultations are the same rates as per consultations
Tina Lond-Caulk has a period set aside each day for telephone consultations. These may be booked in advance when she is not in clinic.


Some medical insurers have complementary therapy ( e.g Pru Health, WPA) cover in their policies that may cover Tina Lond-Caulk's fees, up to their capped maximum. It is unlikely that insurance will cover the full fees, nor do they usually cover any tests and investigations, remedies or supplements. A referral letter to Tina Lond-Caulk from a specialist or a GP is usually required.

Anybody wishing to use insurance to cover costs should first check with their insurers. It is necessary for you to have received prior authorization from your insurance company. Please note it is necessary for you to pay all fees and costs and then reclaim this from your insurers.

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