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The goal of the Nutrition Guru is to help shape the health, wellbeing and self-esteem of current and future generations, through motivational workshops and talks in schools nationwide – and now with this self-help manual. The book is book is written for adolescents, university students with lots of information for parents too.

Tina has worked as a qualified nutritionist for over 20 years, working with a number of high-profile medical practices in Harley Street and the world renowned Lanserhof Medical Clinic. In addition to her first-class BSc Hons in Nutrition, she has completed post-graduate training in behavioural psychology, eating disorders and has a specialist interest in nutrigenomics.

Alongside her clinical work, she is the founder of the nationwide Food for Life programme; an education programme for schools. Drawing on the combined power of these unique experiences, she shares her knowledge with you.

In no time at all you can dramatically improve the way you feel by making better choices in terms of both food and lifestyle habits, in less time than you’d imagine. This will improve not only how you feel, but also your confidence and sense of well-being.

In this easy-to-use handbook you can learn how to develop a healthy and loving relationship with your body and food. You’ll also find a range of simple, easy to prepare delicious recipes to try at the end of the book. Gain insight into;

· Signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies

· Mental health and nutrition

· Skin health and nutrition

· Plant based diets

· What is a balanced diet for you?

· How to achieve a healthy weight for life

· Gain weight and bulk up healthily

· Boundless energy and vitality

· Diets – why they don’t work

· Protein shakes – do we need them?

· How to improve your sleep

· Reducing anxiety with diet and lifestyle

· Alcohol and how it affects you

· All about juicing

· Caffeine and energy drinks

23 reviews for The Teenage Health & Wellness Guide

  1. Diane Hughes (verified owner)

    This book will become your ‘go to’ to help your teens understand how what they eat and how they live impacts on their well being. Beautifully presented in a clear and deceptively simple format, it won’t put off those who struggle to part with their mobiles (even whilst eating).
    And it gives parents and carers the ammo they need to deal with less than ideal eating and drinking habits.
    Bring on the app!!

  2. Jess Bruce-Lockhart (verified owner)

    This is brilliant! A very attractive, eye catching and not in the least bit daunting book full of very positive information and tips for our youngsters. If they head off into the world with some of Tina’s wise words on health and wellness they’re off to a great start!

  3. Jaswinder Sira (verified owner)

    It’s such a lovely book. It will be such a great book for all children as they will be the future generations and if they can follow a healthy lifestyle then we shall have less of the diseases we see today. Well done Tina. All that effort will reap its benefits. You’re doing an amazing job. Hopefully every family in the uk who has children should have a copy. It’s educating people what’s healthy and what’s not. Let’s hope schools will make a big improvement in their school lunches and unis too. I have my youngest off to uni this September and oldest finishes uni in the summer. The book is so easy to read, great layout and has some lovely colour photos and tables of information. A simple and quick reference book for the teens and in fact all children for them to take their health and wellness into their hands.

  4. Pauline den Hoedt (verified owner)

    This book is such a great help, not only for teenagers but also for their parents. It’s a very easy-to-use reference guide and gives great practical tips with lots of colours and pictures. Understanding how food can help you to concentrate, feel & look better is empowering. The index gives a great overview of the topics in the book. You can easily find solutions to challenges you may face and how to best overcome them. A quick reference to; why diets don’t work, bloating, emotions and food, eating disorders, how alcohol affects us and many more useful topics are covered. Tina also explains very well how your gut health is very important for your mental well-being. This is a great gift for any teenager but definitely make sure to put it in their bag when they go off to Uni!

  5. Jane G

    I’m 15 and I just wanted to leave a review as I’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy body weight from the start of lockdown. It’s so helpful to see that I’m not unique in the way I think about food and that it’s sometimes hard to control your impulsive choices to eat food that maybe I shouldn’t eat. This book explains very well how you can balance your diet with plenty of moments where you can eat what you like. The recipes are delicious and have helped me feel confident that I can eat really yummy food and enjoy treats too and still be healthy and have a healthy weight. Thank you.

  6. Emma Neville (verified owner)

    What a fab book I cannot wait to read this. I also bought it for my friend studying Nutrition, cannot wait to highlight my way through it !!! Tina is full of knowledge and advice, such a beautiful lady also with a caring nature
    Happy reading to all, well done you. clever lady ❤️

  7. Cindy

    I heard your talk at my school and bought the book as I wanted to understand more about the topics you discussed in your Food for Life talk. I think this is such a useful book for all teenagers so we can understand our bodies and what they need to stay well. I have tried lots of diets to try to lose weight and now realise that hasn’t helped me, I am now using your approach to help me manage my binge eating and gain control of my weight.

  8. Jane B

    Amazing book – Tina has been an enormous help to both myself and my son who has been suffering with teenage acne. She has been inspirational in teaching us both about the benefits of a good balanced diet and we both feel so much better for it. Thankyou Tina

  9. Sharon Forsyth (verified owner)

    I purchased this book for my 18 year old daughter who is going to Uni next year.. There is so much information out there about what to eat and what not to eat that I felt it was a must read for her to understand from professional nutritionist what are the best foods to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She has thoroughly enjoyed the book and has learnt a great amount from the guide. It has also encouraged her to make some of the tasty recipes included in the book. I highly recommend this book for teenagers and their parents.

  10. sophie plato (verified owner)

    A wonderful book written by THE nutrition guru. Full of beautifully presented and easily digestible information that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to love and nourish your body. I will be encouraging both of my tweenage girls to reference this book as they journey through puberty and the teenage years. Thank you for writing this go-to wellness guide Tina. Every parent and school should have a copy.

  11. Lucy Northover (verified owner)

    I have been treading water trying to feed my three children, two of which are teenagers, a healthy diet for sometime now. Tina’s book has helped me gain easy and delicious wins nutritionally and to have confidence in the food choices we make and why. A great reference point, and much needed clarity in the world of teenage nutrition. Highly recommend.

  12. Carolynn Reynolds (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say how brilliant your book is. I thought I knew a bit about nutrition but I’m learning so much. It’s really informative and very accessible – the pictures, colours and layout help to make it an easy and enjoyable read. My 16 year old daughter who has always struggled to have a healthy breakfast has been following your breakfast recipes and they have transformed her energy levels and motivation during the day. Her favourites are the overnight oats and smoothie bowl – they’re so delicious. It’s encouraged her to think more carefully about eating healthily – at least most of the time! It’s a great book for both teenagers and parents and I would definitely recommend it.

  13. Els (verified owner)

    Informative, clear and practical nutritional guidelines for parents and teenagers. Whether you’ve got into lazy habits or more severe issues with food, this book helps you on the right path back to healthy association with food and your body.

  14. Claudine Slatter

    This is a fantastic book for teenagers (and their parents) I bought it for my 2 teenage daughters to help them gain an insight into eating a more balanced diet and I’m also learning so much about nutrition, not only for the teens, but for everyone. It’s beautifully presented with lots of information about what to eat and why and is totally realistic in suggested eating goals. We love the recipes at the back of the book and are steadily working through them all. A fantastic book for all teens and Uni students.

  15. Jules (verified owner)

    Great bible! Perfect to dip in and out of to deal with food issues and dilemas with my pre-teen and teenagers. Straight forward advice that is clear and concise. An easy to navigate but very well thought out book for teenagers & their parents. Thank you!

  16. Christina Elsom (verified owner)

    Informative, visually stimulating, easy to reference and something for everyone. Thank you Tina!

  17. Sacha Hale (verified owner)

    Such a fabulous tool that I have loved sharing with my teenage daughter. Its so easy to read and in an approach that doesn’t feel too heavy. My daughter is in love with the pancakes and pulls this recipe out often- a total winner and something every family should have at their finger tips. Thank you Tina- as always your advice is just perfect!!

  18. Ruth B (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful resource, helpful and supportive. Clearly written with some great ideas and beautifully presented. Perfect for all members of the family!

  19. Vanessa Hunston-Field

    Incredibly concise and informative guide to nutrition, not only for teenagers but for adults too. I particularly enjoyed the opening chapters describing symptoms and how to support them with supplements and food. Additionally Tina’s mantra of 80/20 highlights how nutritious eating can be maintained but without denying simple treats. Succinct and straight to the point – a perfect manual to define good eating habits for life.

  20. Charlotte

    A wonderful resource. Full of education, ideas and recipes for teens and their parents. We’re still working our way through it and have lots of page markers to come back to! Thank you

  21. Sophia

    This should be read by everyone! I myself in my third year of university have learnt SO much about how nutrition affects my mental health, how to get to a healthy weight, how to improve my sleep, even recipe/snack ideas, menu plans and so much more!
    An overall perfect guide – that is clear and easy to understand. I have loved sharing this with my friends and family and will refer back to this book for life.
    Thank you so much!

  22. Louise (verified owner)

    Love this no nonsense approach to how we can all so easily improve our health by what we eat – it’s sensible, honest and offers nutrition advice that is realistic to achieve and doesn’t leave out the treats!! My girls and I have learnt so much from it and I am sure we will be referring to it many times in the years to come and will have better eating habits for life.

  23. Dr Gow

    This book is a wonderful guide for teenagers with lots of superb visuals and helpful summary boxes, and of course fantastic recipes. I highly recommend this guide to all who wish to learn how to eat nutritious and delicious meals with benefits for the skin, sleep, and of course mental and physical health!

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